1. How long can it last?

Expiry date is 3 years from manufacturing date. For usage it may be able to last for 3 months and above.

2. Is the product organic?

The product is not organic but it is made from natural ingredients and are approved and safe to be used by newborn baby (by Harlan Lab as well as Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)). It is formulated by Aloe vera extract and added of Vitamin E.

3. Is the product SLS( Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Paraben and Steroid Free?

Yes, Joielle is SLS, Paraben and steroid free.

4. What size is available?

It varies for different type of products.

  • Generally we have 250ml bottle.
  • Travel set: 60ml and 30g
  • Chest & Tummy Rub and Nappy Rash Cream: 60g
  • Cream and Special Edition with VCO Cream: 100g

5. What is the difference between Cream and Lotion?

(i) Lotion
The texture of Lotion are lighter than cream and it can be used daily as a minimal protection for baby’s skin

(ii) Cream
The texture of Cream is thicker and it is to be used when necessary. Cream is to be used for babies that have all types of rashes and reddish-itchy skin issue

7. What is the difference between the normal range and Special Edition with Virgin Coconut Oil?

(i) Normal range
Made of extract Aloe vera and Vitamin E and it is suitable for all skin type.

(ii) Special Edition with VCO
It is made of extract Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Virgin Coconut Oil. Suitable to be used for dry skin baby as it will react as double moisturizer to the skin.

8. What is the difference between Cream, Special Edition Cream with VCO and Nappy Rash Cream?

(i) Cream
To be used by all skin type including sensitive skin that is facing with rashes issues and also for eczema issue.

(ii) Special Edition Cream with VCO
It is recommended to be used by baby with dry skin in order to help the skin to repair and maintain its moisture level.

(iii) Nappy Rash Cream
It is to be used for more sensitive skin that have serious rashes issues. Able to be used as mosquito repellent as well.

9. Is all the product certified Halal?

Yes, All Joielle Baby is certified Halal